Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week Seventeen

Saturday 3rd May

Holy shizzle, the battle for the deposit just stepped up a notch. She is pretty adamant that she is keeping the entire deposit, and I am pretty adamant that I will wrench that cash from her cold dead hands if I have to.

Sunday 4th May

Avoid the bitch all day. She whinges to Roommate about it. Fuckin psycho.

Wednesday 7th May

Exam today. After studying my brains out for the last two days, I get up nice and early and walk into town to meet the girls to prepare myself mentally and physically for the task ahead. The sun is splitting the rocks, as it is every time anyone in the world ever has an exam. Exam goes grand.

Then we all head for a lovely little cafe and get some pastries and bask in the glorious sunshine. However, as I reach for my custard tart, my friendship ring falls off my finger and breaks in two pieces on the ground. Nooo! Im heartbroken, but Classmate says its grand, everyone elses broke ages ago. About an hour later I get a text from Husband saying he is 4mins away. FUUUUUUUCK! Leap from the chair and peg it off to the station and get there just in time to see him get off the bus with his curly wurly head on him. CANT BELIEVE he made it all the way over here all on his own without at the very least a minor personal injury. I'm so proud.

Head home and then indulge in our favourite weekly pastime - food shopping. Took our sweet time taking in the exquisite decadence of all the gorgeous food, picked out some gorgeous fresh fare, and headed home to make sweet dinner love to it, before falling into a food coma. Got up later and went for a stroll around town and sat in the piazza having a leisurely gelato and a nice chit chat. And by chit chat of course, I mean gossip fest. He's a great fella for the gossip, I must say. He ALWAYS knows whats going on in Home & Away, even though he "doesnt watch it". Mmm hmm Husband, I know your game. Head home and fall fast asleep.

Wake up in the middle of the night and stand up on my bed on my tippy toes to have a little google at him sleeping in the bunk bed. Ah, look. He's doing that arm-over shoulder thing he always does, bless. He looks like a little bearded baby. I feel a stirring deep in my heart. But then I take some Rennie Deflatine and that seems to sort it out.

Thursday 8th May

Another gorgeous day today, I take Husband in around town to see the sights and to go shopping. Oh how I love shopping with him! He's like a little dress up doll, everything he picks up looks amazing on him. Jammy fecker. And I'm in a particularly good mood today cos he said he would reintroduce the Weekend Present. Hurray!

The Weekend Present is, in my opinion, the best idea he ever had. I mean, its genius really. The idea itself is very basic; all week I hint at something I super duper want (or he thinks up something brilliant that he thinks I should have) and then on Fridays he gets it for me. And I'd be in college all day thinking about my Weekend Present (what could it be?) and then I go home and he has it laid out on the bed for me. Sure God love him. What does he get in return, I hear you asking? His t shirts perfectly folded and colour coded in the wardrobe, a lovely lunch in the morn for college into which I sometimes packed a little surprise; except the surprise was more often then not that I had drank half of his lucozade (Phone rings. Jenniky: hello? Husband: why did you only give me a half a bottle of lucozade in my lunch, Jennikybooky? Jenniky : eeeeeeeeeeeeeeem....I love you?), as well as homemade apple crumbles cos I know he loves them AND my limitless adoration of him even when he makes the bed the wrong way.

So anyway we head into the park with Roommate and we lie down on the grass for a spot of olympic lounging, and Husband decides to head off for a wander. Unusual, I thought to myself. Very unlike him. A good while later he came back with four cans of coke and a bag of pick n mix. My jaw was on the ground. Imagine him swanning around on his jack jones conducting business in Italian. And he had four cans of coke. Why did you get four? I asked him. Because he didnt know what three was in Italian. Hahahahahahaha! Fell around the place laughing. I can’t be sure, but I think a little bit of my heart melted. Either that or a little bit of wee came out.

Friday 9th May

That night I have another little peek at him in the bed a-haboo. Ah sure God love him. I look at his hands and his fingers and his nails and it suddenly occurs to me that he is this big hairy beast of a man just lying there asleep and I find myself asking who’s yer man eh? He seems different.

I get this overwhelming feeling that I would give absolutely everything I have to protect him from harm or hurt or any unpleasantness in life, such as poorly made gravy, for example. He half wakes up and does a little sleepy grumble. Ooh. Heart Strings. There is a definite tugging there.

I always thought my Grandad was the perfect man ( not for me like, Jesus lads, get yere minds out of the gutter) but my Nanny had terrible Alzheimers for the last ten years of her life and she was so so sick and Grandad looked after her every day. He never sent her to a home or anything, even though he was getting older and more frail himself. He looked after her right up until the day she died, because even though she wasnt really there, she was still his Alice, the woman he married and promised to look after, and he kept his promise til death did them part. And thats what love is. Even though it killed him to see her so disoriented, it must have been unspeakably frustrating and he must have been so lonely and have yearned for the Alice she used to be, he never abandoned her or cast her off because he just loved her to smithereens, and that to me is the mark of a man. I always thought to myself that when I met a man that I could see honouring me as much as Grandad honoured Nanny, then he'd be the fella for me. And lo! Here he is, lying in me spare bed. I look at his little peaceful face, feel a big whoosh of emotion and suddenly realise that I am inexplicably, desperately, endlessly in love with him.


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