Monday, September 21, 2009

A Good Omen

You know I've really been shitting it lately about heading off again into the unknown. Will I be lonely? God, I really don't want to be lonely. And if I do get lonely, I hope someone would come along and make sure I was never lonely or hungry again, not unlike the little kitten without a left foot:

Anyway, just as I was freaking myself out mulling over these negative aspects and not focusing on the positive ones, not realizing that certain situations change, that people move on and certain situations get left behind and wondering if I'd feel much happier if I went with the flow, or if growth and transformation were a big feature for me right now, I happened upon my horoscope for the week:

Instead of mulling over negative aspects, it's important to focus on the positive ones. It's a fact that situations change, people move on and certain things get left behind, but if you can be flexible and go with the flow, you'd feel much happier. Growth and transformation is a big feature for you right now.

So now - the Gospel according to Celebs on Sunday. My troubles are over!

To catalyze this growth and transformation, I have decided to load up my laptop with all new music from bands I have never heard of and would otherwise probably have dismissed had my mind not been blown wide open by the advent of the cosmic intermingling of the stars dismissing all my demons.

That's right people; new adventure, new soundtrack. What I want from you lovely people is some gentle guidance. Kindly grace me with your suggestions as to what avenues I should be fumbling blindly down. My mind is musically malleable and I am open to all suggestions - all I ask is that you be gentle with me.


The-Uncaped-Crusader said...

You might appreciate the musical stylings of Animal Liberation Orchestra or maybe even Alexi Murdoch. Failing that, Modest Mouse and Elbow are always a solid choice to soundtrack a quixotic journey into the fiancial abyss. And then there's Kate Bush....

Aisling said...

Given that we're about 743 years behind everything this side of the world you may know all of these already but:

The xx > The xx
Florence and the Machine > Lungs
Little Boots > hands
La Roux > La Roux

Oh and Ladyhawke!