Monday, March 22, 2010

Even Better Than The Real Thing

Lads. Lads.

I didn't make the finalist list for the Blog Awards.

I'm very sad.

I also want to raze the Irish Blog Awards to the ground. Only a small bit though.

My main feeling though is one of pissed-offedness with myself for choosing the wrong category. I can't help but feel that I should have chosen Humour, seeing as there isn't a dry knickers amongst my followers of a Monday morning. Up and down the country bidets are preparing themselves for their Monday morning pissy marys.

"It's only a Mickey Mouse award! It doesn't matter!"

This is a statement that does not make me feel better in any way, and I have heard it four thousand times since Friday so I DON'T want to hear it any more, please and thanks.

I don't mind about the other blogs because I quite like them and I think they deserve a nice award; the killer is that now I have to find something else to buzz over! I was tipping along nicely on the buzz off the Irish Blog Awards. Now I have no buzz! Well I had a bit of a buzz on Friday night when I drank a bottle of 89c prosecco in me knickers. Don't worry, I didn't drink it on an empty stomach - I had a bag of pick 'n' mix for me dinner. Actually that was a brilliant buzz. It was such a buzz that meseff and himseff decided to drink prosecco and eat pick 'n' mix in our knickers next Friday night as well. And every Friday night after that.

Plus we are going to Ireland in 9 days.

Ok I just realised that I already have plenty to buzz over. It would seem the problem is somewhat solved.

Now to find some pride Arnica.

Anyway as my lovely Daddy would say - fuck it, what harm, forget about it! I have allocated the lines above to being a pissy little bitch about it and now we are going to move on to pastures anew.

That's right, I've decided to have my OWN Blog Awards. Right here, right now.

First up, the award for Best Blog by a Mary Harney Hater goes to Grandad at Headrambles.

Congratulations on being a legend, Grandad. I think we are all in agreement that Mary Harney's job could be better done by a trained monkey.

Or an untrained one.

Or perhaps a zombie?

Next up we have the award for Best Blog by a Bearded Bonsai Enthusiast. It took me a while to get through the thousands of applicants for this popular category but in the end the choice was clear - congratulations Andrew of Chancing My Arm, you must be so proud! I hope things are going well with you and Stella.

Now for the much anticipated Best Use of the Term "Galloping Gee Rot" in a Blog award. The gong goes to the lovely Rosie at The Spanish Exposition. Well done Rosie, I hope your gee has returned to its former glory!

And finally, the futuristic "Best Blog That Doesn't Exist...Yet" goes to my loyal follower Niamh Doherty for her future Irish Blog Award-winning food blog. Get the finger out Niamh! I need an engaging post on the 7 best uses for creme fraiche!

No, seriously.

That's about all I have time for folks, seeing as I promised myself - or rather BBB made me promise myself to put the pedal to the metal on the aul thesis today. I hope ye found something new to tickle your fancy in this post. Have a gawk through the list of blogs I read over there on the right. If I read them, they must be deadly, like.

Until next week, I'll soldier on.


Rosie said...

you're very kind, Jenniekins. given my documented public disdain for the Irish Blog Awards and all who sail in her, i'm delighted to get one from you instead.

true story: my word verification today is "geezie".

Andrew's gone on a school trip for the week and left Stella in my care. pray for us.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the thesis, deary!!

And yeah, I was very shocked not to see your name on the finalist lists ....what category did you decided to continue on in??
I figured you'd be in Personal, at which point I resigned myself to the fact I was getting NOWHERE!
Shame on you, Irish Blog Awards!

I did an underwear dance (fully clothed) when I saw my name, and very quickly became incredibly depressed when I saw who I was up against, so my buzz is also gone....if only I could find 89c alcohol....

Jerome from the campsite in Biarritz with his big smelly everything said...

I love you Jen

Jennikybooky said...

Rosie, may the lord have mercy on your soul if he comes home to find even one leaf missing off Stella!

Hermia, I went with Newcomer. Why oh why??? Congratulations on the personal! I don't really know the other ones you are up against but obviously you are still the best like. Are you going with WR as was previously agreed?

Jerome - I miss your musk! I love you too x x x

Grandad said...

Wow!! An award? I am truly honoured.

I was knocked out of my categories too, so that just goes to show they haven't a clue. They don't know a class act when it jumps up and bites them in the arse.

So us REAL bloggers will stick together and ignore them. Phoooey!

Jennikybooky said...

Grandad - What say you and I form an angry mob and go up to Galway with fire on sticks?

Ann said...

Boo Irish Blog Awards

Andrew said...

Thank you, this is much better than that time I finished 27th in the County Wicklow Community Games Art Competition (under-12s category).

Sorry about the Mulley awards judges, but take it from me, yours is the best blog I've come across in a long time by a country mile. Let us know when you're in Dublin and the three of us will go drinking on Camden Street and have our own little award ceremony.
Ahem. Four of us, actually, Stella loves an oul creme de menthe.

Grandad said...

"What say you and I form an angry mob and go up to Galway with fire on sticks?"

Nah! By doing that we would be blessing them with our presence. We shall ignore the awards altogether [and then set fire to the hotel?]

Andrew said...

Um, Grandad, you're not really so old and confused that you've failed to realise you're still up for best post, are you?

Grandad said...

Andrew - A mere minor technicality. Won't win..

Kitty Cat said...

Boo to the lousy Blog Awards! Can you believe we didn't make the final cut of Best Political Blog? Shocker.

Jennikybooky said...

Ann - my sentiments exactly!

Andrew - imagine! Oh to be in yere bearded rotten gee'd presence! My love to stella.

Grandad - I don't mind what we do. As long as there is fire on sticks.

Kitty Cat - The injustice!!

Emma H said...

I know lady, I know. It sucks, and is a travesty of justice. Your blog is hands down my favourite from the ones I looked at on the (first) shortlist.

Anyways. I'll get knitting.

Jennikybooky said...

I always liked you, Emma!

Au Lapin Blanc said...

You should use Easter Eggs for prizes Jennikybooky and you should also host your awards in a pub.

Jennikybooky said...

WR - I like your style! Congratulations on your award! I think you should make a medallion out of it. That way it's that little bit more portable!

Or perhaps a ring. No - a hat!

Au Lapin Blanc said...

It's made of glass so I'm fairly sure if I made a medallion out of it, or tried to, I would end up with a shard of glass in my eye. I have decided that a medallion is a great idea though so I'm just going to use an oversized novelty chocolate coin so that I can have a snack if I need it :D

Thanks for the congrats :)