Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Week Five

Success! Finally got back on track. I was adrift on a lonely and desolate sea there for a time but I looked to Eddie as my lighthouse to guide me back to safety and prevent me from washing up on the shores of bankruptcy. Eddie, youre my rock! You're my rock, man!

Saturday 9th February

Had planned to bring Roommate up to San Luca, this hilltop church in Bologna which is reached via the longest (and most torturously uphill) portico in the world, but she says she's "too tired". Too tired? TOO TIRED? After I trudged all the way out to Casalecchio to find a friggin office that didnt exist with her the day before? But I can understand how she is so tired. All that sleeping and mooching around the house never doing anything can really take it out of you. I tell ya, it's a doozie.

Luckily, my Bajan empress came back the day before so I called her up, made a gorgeous big salami baguette and packed a "pickernic" and away we went. It was fabulous. The views were amazing and it was so chilled out. Much needed break from the city.

Sunday 10th February

Much to my surprise, I did not, as I had expected, wake up as an amazon as a result of the strenuous workout of the day before. The day was spent mourning the sad loss of this dream.

Monday 11th February

Sit myself down and have a serious word with myself about how I need to take control of my finances. Then I watch The L Word on t'internet all day. And yet ANOTHER innocent pair of knickers meets a creamy grave.

Tuesday 12th February

More L Word. It goes deep, man.

Wednesday 13th February

Have the fight to end all fights with The Man. Its not even a fight, more of just a complete loss of any shred of respect that I ever had for him. Delete his number from my phone. Decide it's better for my mental health not to bother with such people any more. Head to class, yada yada. Then head to the cinema with Fran and Kenna and watch Scusa, Ma Ti Chiamo Amore. TOTAL cheesefest, much to my delight! Head home happy as Larry, visions of cheesy Italian love scenes dancing like sugarplums in my head. Fnar fnar.

Thursday 14th February

Wake up totally hopeful that someone may have sent me a card. Do some preparatory stretching to go downstairs and check the postbox for the extremely large card that some Large and Wonderful Man is bound to have sent me. Was there a card I hear you asking? Nope. Although, my mother did send me the local paper though. So it wasn't a wasted trip.

Go upstairs and download a few films, secretely hoping for a delivery of flowers. Nada. Then head into town for my favourite class of the week with Hugues. He is so hot I cant even control myself. Im just sittin there thinking about the weight capacity of his desk.

Anyway he says my name in that Belgian way of his and my pupils turn into love hearts. I make a mental note to stay off the acid. Lurk around the shops a bit then head home to do some "study". For my degree in Bebo studies, like.

Put my key in the door, secretly hoping for there to be a huge flower arrangement on the hall table. Nothing again. Then check the kitchen just to make sure he's not going to jump out of a giant cake or anything. No such luck. My mind wandered back to the Barbra Kruger inspired valentine card I made and sent last week. A small ant played the world's smallest violin. Took care of a bit of business, had a nice dinner and chilled out for the night. Headed to bed lovely and relaxed. Midnight or so I get my Valentines call. Sadly it didnt cut the mustard.

Friday 15th February

Head into town to meet my bitches and we have a nice coffee and then head to class. Then head back to theirs and the Empress cooks up a big gorgeous pan of sausage, beans, and spicy tomato stuff and we dunk big chunks of freshly baked bread in it. Soul food if I ever needed it. Then I wasnt feeling great so Tamara gave me some Bajan panadol. Which I was unaware had some "special" ingredients shall we say. Cut to a half hour later and Im finding it hard to sit up straight and can't focus my eyes.We are listening to Tamara's partner's radio show in Barbados via the interweb and she calls him and he "bigs us up". Completely inebriated by the pills I go apeshit and start bodypopping. Or what I thought was bodypopping. I can only imagine that it was a visual nightmare. Anyway head home slumped over on the bus. Trying with all my might not to fall asleep or fall sideways off the chair. Get home and crawl in the door on my hands and knees, face down onto the bed and wake up in the same position the next morning, both legs in one leg hole of my boxers. Nice.

All in all a week of ups and down on the personal life front (mostly plummeting downs) but its definitely a positive week for the finances as I have 62c left! Woo hoo! My spirits are restored and I vow never to let Eddie down again! Until next week, like.

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