Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week Twenty Six

Monday 29th March

Oh my God the excitement! I'm going home on Wednesday! I spend most of the day making monkey noises and giving BBB excitement digs, in between running around and organising everything.

Tuesday 30th March

Today while BBB was at college I scrubbed the room to a sparkling shine. There is no WAY I am coming back off me holidays to a lacklustre hovel. Now I don't mind cleaning usually because I do it against the clock. To add the bit of excitement like.

But today folks, I did things a bit differently. I did them in me nudie. Just to see like. Just for an experiment. BBB has me doing things in me nudie a lot when he is not here. You see, he is always doing things in the noodle and it gets me wondering. It gets me curious like, what's so great about it?

Answer: plenty.

Wednesday 31st March

Couldn't sleep a wink last night with the Oakwood Syndrome. You know, when you are doing something amazing the next day and you are so excited you can't sleep. We got up at the crack of dawn and headed off anyway.

Now I feel I should just explain that I hate travelling. I get up in a heap for two days either side of any journey. I cannot stand it. I become an antichrist like. So my tactic with this is to put the headphones in and try to block it all out. BBB's strategy on the other hand, is to ask me every five seconds am I alright and why am I so silent. He will be fairly silent himself in a second when I dig the mouth off him.

Anywaaaaaaaay, after an hour on a bus, 2 hours flight and 2 and a half hours on the train, we finally got to Waterford, where I found out that my Daddy got off work early just to collect me. Awwwwww Daddy, you're the best!

Lads, I couldn't believe it. BBB was just fantastic. He was all shaking hands and claps on the back and chatting away no problem. I was like, he is so cool. For a minute like, I actually wanted to be him. If I ever go down to meet his family I won't say a word for a week I'll be so shy! His mother is coming up to visit us soon. If I was on meds, I would definitely have to up them for such an occasion.

I wish I was on meds.

Anyway BBB ended up going to watch the match in my brother's house with my father. "Ah lovely, now I can watch Grey Gardens", says I to myself, seeing as I rang Daddy weeks ago and asked him to Sky+ it for me. I sat down, jim jams on, snack in hand, snuggle sequence engaged, only to find that Mammy had erased it. Lovely. I was dying to see that, like dying. The original one like.

Tangent: I can't watch it on the interweb cos I can only find Divx links for it, and even though I have divx player downloaded onto my laptop, every time I open a link to a Divx player, it makes my interweb freeze and I have to close it all down. If a nice person would like to explain to me what I should do, that would be wonderful, please and thanks.

Thursday 1st April

Today we got the train up to Kilkenny (€11.40? Robbing bastards!) and had lunch with the lovely Gemma, who changed my life for the better with her roasted carrots!

Now it's no secret that I'm not into vegetables. I do like some of them, but I tend to eat the same ones all the time because the rest of them are an affront to the delicacy of my nature. As for carrots, I usually accept a spoonful with my Sunday dinner, but then I have to smother them in butter and eat them really fast first thing so then I can eat the rest of my dinner and wash away the non-taste of them.

But this time things were different - Gemma gave me roasted carrots and good lord. I nearly ate the fork an all! Fantastic they were! So fantastic that as I write this, myself and BBB are planning to have them with our dinner tonight!

Whatever about the roast carrots though - the dessert! The dessert, lads! It was to die for! Meringue roulade that she made herself. It was like art. I couldn't cope!

"Jesus look at that! Take a photo of that!" I said, and we were all so preoccupied with taking photos of the dessert that we forgot to take any of the four of us. We're smart like that.

Gemma courteously dropped us home to Mammy's then where Hazel and my nephew Jack were waiting. Lads now, couldn't cope with Jack. I wasn't able like. Running around the place he was! He even has a little dance that he does! Chest pains. Had to restrain myself from doling out the Love Digs.

We went out to Hazels then, where it was love at first sight between Hazel's husband and BBB and they went off to the pub while myself and Hazel went upstairs and had a fashion show. Ah, fun sisterly activities!

Hazel drove back down to the pub to collect the two boys anyway, and wasn't BBB after drinking 4 pints in an hour. The poor child. He was all starry-eyed gettin out of the car. And while inhaling a kebab. And also while snoring in my ear all night.

Love Digs.

Friday 2nd April

Today we had our walk around Waterford and I busted out the Shaws card. Only got two pairs of jeans though, I'm very disappointed in myself.

In the evening we went to Jac and Darragh's for dinner. Now lads, I actually wish ye were all friends with them so ye could all go to their house for dinner. It was the best dinner ever. Pea and mint soup to start with parma ham and a dollop of creme fraiche (every girl's best friend). Om nom nom. Lemon sole and concertina potatoes for the main that would make you want to eat the plate. All washed down with Bellinis and for dessert, white chocolate and baileys cheesecake. Now how is a person supposed to cope with the deliciousness? I had to have a lie down when I went home!

Saturday 3rd April

I was sick all night last night so I was a broken woman come morning time. I was having a nap on the couch, tangled up in BBB when Mammy woke me up.


Me then, "Wha? WHA?" still asleep, jerking up off the couch, arms and legs all over the shop. You know the way you'd be.

"I need your help with something" says she.

"What is it?" says I.

Well that's what I tried to say but my mouth was so dry the words got stuck in there. My fringe looked like this:

"Just come here, I need help." she says.

"Ok" so I peel myself up off the couch, green in the face, with BBB looking on, horrified. "This must be serious", I was thinking.

I followed her down to the end of the hall.

She turned around then, straighteners in hand,

"Will you do my hair?"

Give me patience.

After I had a little lie down we went out to Tramore with Mammy and Daddy. BBB was delighted. Then he got a big dirty fish and chips from Dooleys. I didnt get anything, mostly because I will never again eat anything in Tramore for as long as I live after the incident.

On Saturday night it was me brudder's 40th birthday party. Oh lads I was feeling rough. It was touch and go like. I was looking fabliss though, if I do say so meseff. It was a great night though but I had to go straight home afterwards cos I was holdin in the puke.

Sunday 4th April

Went up to Mahon Falls today where there was - and this is no joke - a fish and chip van. I'd say he made a fortune! BBB couldnt cope with all the gorgeous scenery. Here is a lovely picture of us up there:

That's one for the mantelpiece anyway.

We went back to the house then, knackered and starving, to a lovely turkey and ham dinner. Well, I say "turkey and ham dinner", but what I really mean is "brown sauce dinner". I introduced BBB to the joys of brown sauce. He was suitably impressed. We relaxed then at home for the day with two mental kids running around and all my family. It was lovely to be all together. Or nearly all together as the case may be cos my sister Laura wasn't there.

We booked our tickets on the train the next day and got ready to hit the road once again after a lovely few days at home. I had the best time. I really needed to get home even if it was only for a flying visit. BBB did so great with my family, I was so proud to have him as me fella. We spent the next few days in Dublin, but shur ye can read about that on Monday.


jac said...

You were sick?! Please tell me it was drink related!

Rosie said...


if i don't say it, Andrew will. and better it looks like i fancy you than he does.

Jennikybooky said...

Jac now you KNOW it was drink related! Hello like - it's me we are talking about here!

Rosie I'm sorry. I guess I am just bitter cos I feel like Stella is stealing you away from me.

Kitty Cat said...

Mahon Falls is so lovely, I haven't been over there in ages though. Did ye drive up the magic road? And I don't think ANYTHING could stop me from eating chips when in Tramore. Although I'm always surprised by how small the place where Celtworld used to be is. Because as a kid Celtworld seemed bloody massive. Remember the big giant eyeball that came down from the ceiling?! Scared the bejaysus out of me it did.

Anonymous said...

Awwwhhhhh it all sounded great! I'm so glad he got on with your family!!!! And I'm very jealous of all your food consumption!

Jennikybooky said...

Mahon Falls is gorgeous alright Kitty Cat! I'll never eat chips in Tramore again though!

Hermia I so wish I had eaten more! Now that I am back in Italy I keep thinking of things that I should have ate but forgot to!