Monday, May 3, 2010

Week Twenty Nine

I know, I know, no blog in two weeks! It's an outrage! But here's a nice fresh one so quit your bellyachin'!

Monday 26th April

Must not think about leaving BBB in a few weeks.

Must not think about that excruciating moment when the airport bus pulls out of the station and I have to wave goodbye for the last time in who knows how long. Must not think about pathetically sniffing whatever item of his clothing I secretly stole on my way to the airport. Must not think about that fact that I wouldn't care if it was a pair of underpants, I would sniff them anyway. Must not think about not waking up with my legs all tangled up in his. Must not think about how I won't be able to sleep if my hand isn't touching the top of his head. Must not think about the way I love him so much that sometimes I want to punch him in the face. Must not think about that gut punched feeling I will get when I see someone on some Dublin street that reminds me of him. Must not think about the way his hair gets all spiky in the shower. Must not think about the irritating way he gives me cooking advice even though he can't boil an egg. Must not think about the little side step he does when we are out and his underpants are up his arse. Must not think about the way he says 'menstruation'. Must not think about the way he paces back and forth at breakneck speed when he brushes his teeth.

Tuesday 27th April

Must not think about they way today after we saw a woman in a purple crushed velvet tracksuit with a severe black bob he said:

"She'd remind you of the fella out of The Chocolate Factory - Winky Wallah!"

Wednesday 28th April

Must not think about how every single time he gets undressed there is always a feather from our duvet sticking out from between the cheeks of his arse.

Thursday 29th April

Must not think about how at least one of his feet always sticks out from underneath the duvet:

Friday 30th April

Must not think about the way he went to Esselunga this evening in a pair of leggings just to buy our 89c prosecco.

Saturday 1st May

Must not think about the way he brought me home tonight on the handlebars of a stolen bike that he got for a cigarette because I wasn't well.

Sunday 2nd May

Must not think about how he rubs my head in the night when I can't sleep cos my hayfever is driving me crazy. Must not think about how the first thing he does in the morning is sweep up all my tissues from the night before. Must not think about the way he gives me a little love and a mind when I'm poorly.

But most of all, I absolutely must NOT, under any circumstances think about how it is best for him that we don't keep this going after I leave, no matter how much I want to, because at the end of the day he is 19 and he should be enjoying his time in college, not spend it missing me.

No I absolutely must not think about this.

Because that would just be too much.


Kitty Cat said...

Oh Jennie. Massive uber internetty hug, you poor sausage.

Anonymous said...


What's going on!? Who's separating you!!?????? Why is this happening!?


Jennikybooky said...

Thanks Kitty Cat! *sobs into your cyber shoulder

Hermia keep up girl will ya? I'm going back to Dublin!

Niamh said...

Aw this is so sad :( Hope you're alright when it comes around chick, this sucks :(

**big hugs**

Anonymous said...

Oooooooooohhhh, I just thought you were visiting the Baile!!!

Awh that's sad....for you guys....not for me....cos it'll be even easier to kidnap you now you're in my birthland.

I kid, I kid.... *shifty eyes*

Aoife said...

I just shed a tear, heartbroken for you. Clich├ęd as it is 'What will be will be'

Siobhan said...

Heartbreaking stuff Jacques. Maybe Anonymous will return to cheer us all up

And that photo terrifies me!

Jennikybooky said...

Thanks Niamh! I'll soldier on girl, dont worry!

Hermia, should I be frightened? Because I am.

Aw Aoife don't cry! Cos that's my job! hahaha!

Siobhan we can only hope! Come back Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

....maybe a little frightened...although most people would be flattered by someone building them a shrine out of their used tissues... :D

Rosie said...

you've kept a really lovely, lyrical and honest diary of your relationship here, you should copy-n-paste and bind it up for him as a gift when you're leaving. i know it's something i'd treasure.

Jennikybooky said...

Rosie I won't lie - I had a little ball there when I read your comment. Snot flying all over the place like. You're so lovely. You'll have to mind me when I go back to Dublin!

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen to your blog after you go back to Dublin? That's what I'm sad about!

Rosie said...

she'll use it to chronicle her love affair with me, obv.

KFS said...

Howaya Jenny,
I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago I've read all the old stuff, only for you to start looking like you've lost the will to blog. Come on now, don't be a bollix, theres people hangin here for an instalment.

Dee said...

Hey, my friend Niamh (of The Loving Spoonful) told me I should have a look at your blog. And I did and it was funny. And I was sitting in work breaking my heart with the laffin'. So today I had a look again. And I read your posts about leaving your boyfriend and now I am sitting in work CRYING AT MY DESK. God love you. But you really need to put a warning at the start of that post. Too sad to read in public...

Lisa said...

Jen. I love you! That is all.