Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week Forty (ish)

Lads I am SO much better than the last post, thanks to my amazing friends. Sofia has left me her apartment for the month of August and Lorenzo helped me move in. Thanks lads!

Monday 26th July

Today myself, the once-mysterious Lorenzo and BBB drove out to Imperia to see my friend Sofia so that she could give me the keys of her apartment in Pavia so that I can stay there while I'm looking for a place, the blessings of God on her.

Meseff and himseff went down to the Italian version of Penneys and I bought an 11 euro togs and he bought a 7 euro pair of grandad swimming trunks in a fetching shade of blue. Then we met Lorenzo and hit the road.

Now lads. Just take a moment to imagine how buzzin off me head I was, after months of sweating my ball bags off in 35degree landlocked Pavia. Plus like it wasn't as if we were going to Tramore like, we were going to the beach in ITALY.

Hee hee!

Of course now every 5 nanoseconds I involuntarily emitted a high pitched squeal of delight, followed by the soon to be smash hit of the summer:

"We're going to the beach! We're going to the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeach!"

The two boys were like:

"Jesus Christ Jennie boy calm down like, we're not going to Bora Bora, we're only going to Imperia."

I was like:

"Lads, I'm Irish, which means IT'S THE SAME THING!"

We got there anyway, had a lovely lunch and then hit the beach. I hit the umbrella and the factor 50 under the curious gaze of 50 leather-skinned Italians.

After only one day on the beach, I felt like I had a two week holiday. I didn't realise how much I just had to get out of Pavia for a little minute just to have a breather. On the way home I was trying my best to stay awake, I really was, but I have a sneaking suspicion that for large portions of the journey I was doing the head-bobbing goldfish next to Lorenzo in the seat.


Tuesday 27th July

Today was going to be a stressful and sad day.

Stressful because I had to move house, and sad becaue BBB is heading home for 2 months.

Lorenzo gave me a hand moving, cos he is the best like, and then BBB called over to my temporary abode and we had a sad snugglefest before he headed off to the airport. I would have been much more down in the dumps if I didn't have all of my stuff to unpack, so I just spent the rest of the evening solemnly sorting out my stuff and then I headed to bed with no one but Pablo my pillow boyfriend for company.

Sniff sniff.

Wednesday 28th July

Went to work today with a head and a half on me cos I really wasn't in the humour to be "upbeat" and "kooky" with two months of having no leg to fart on stretching out ahead of me. Managed to drag myself through the day and went home on the train with some puss on me.

Thursday 29th July

Waking up in Sofia's apartment is just wondrous. There is always that little moment before I open my eyes where I think I am in my horrible old hovel, but then when I really do open them I am in heaven. There's just one thing though...there is no hot water.

But that's ok because I have already established a routine where I boil 2 pots of water for a 2 inch post war bath in the evenings.


Friday 30th July

Today I have to say goodbye to Lorenzo, who is heading to Lapland for 6 months. After today I will officially be the only person I know in Pavia until September.


Lorenzo called up to the house to try and fix the hot water, but no dice. Then we headed "in giro". Now lads, this is the thing that I just can't get my head around about Italy, especially during the winter months. Instead of going out to the pub for the craic and the banter, Italians prefer to go "in giro". That means they meet up in town, they might get an ice cream or a drink somewhere, then they just lurk around town. Just having strolls like. Meanwhile I'm thinking to myself:

"Christ it's minus fifty and I'm GASPING for a proper drink and a sit down."

It also reminds me of something you would do if you were underage, like for example when we are all sitting in the window of Geoff's having a nice drink or seven, you always see groups of 16 years olds done up to the nines just walking around because they can't get in anywhere.

But I digress.

We were in giro for the night and at about 3 he said he had to go home so he brought me back to my house.

And lads, I don't know was I just being a weirdo but I could sense a certain...atmosphere.

We got to my door anyway and he said:

"Eh well, don't be too lonely here on your own, shur September will be here in no time."

And then I was like:

"Eh yeah, heh heh, you be careful up there and be good. And wear a rubber."

"Heh heh".

So then the moment came. I can't remember ever kissing him hello or goodbye before so I didn't know what the protocall was. So instead like I just kind of edged forward and put my head on his chest. He had one hand in his pocket and put the other one around me. Now when I say around me I mean it was around my general personal space, but it wasn't touching me, it was about an inch from my body like.

I was like:

"What the fuck was that? Who puts their hand in their pocket to hug someone?"

He was like:

"No my hand is stuck in my pocket! One second now."

And he reached his other hand around to pull his hand out of his pocket, where his finger was stuck in his keys which were in turn stuck in his pocket.

But it was too late. The information enterned my brain only AFTER he said "one second now", and I was going in for the proper snuggle when he was reaching his hand over to the other pocket and YES, you know exactly what happened.

Boob fondlage.

Oh Jesus.

"Oh, eh, sorry"

"No, eh, its alright, heh heh"

Dying an inner death.

Then we had a quick hug and he sprinted off in the opposite direction and I couldn't get the key in the door fast enough.

Lads it was so funny.

I loves him I does.

Saturday 31st July

Went to work today as usual. Bit glum thinking about how I am all alone in Pavia but I just decided to take it one day at a time and sure the month will pass in no time.

I miss BBB terrible though. I miss the aul bit of chat before we go to sleep, I miss tripping over his shoes that he ALWAYS leaves in the middle of the floor as I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I miss the smell of his breath, I miss his giant monster feet and the way he looks when he's a-haboo babby bunty.

I miss the bit of human contact as well. Since even Laura is gone home, I am left completely sans-snuggle. And considering that I am a snugglehead, I have been finding it tough. I didn't realise it though until Francesco in work came up behind me and gave me a surprise snuggle and I nearly melted at the warmth of the human touch, when usually I would be like:

"Piss off boy will yeh - Jesus!"

Sunday 1st August

Today in work I said to Francesco:

"Don't forget to sign that, Love"

Christ, I'm losing it.